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Wing Chun is a fantastic form of self-defence. It was developed approximately 350 years ago in China and is the only martial art which was developed by a women. For this reason, it does not pit strength against strength. All of the techniques for defence are about deflecting and redirecting incoming strikes and attacks. There are no straight blocks as this would come down to your strength against theirs. If you are interested in learning this self defence and martial art then come down to our Wing Chun Class to see what it’s about. Please feel free to get in touch if you want anymore details. All of our classes are super friendly, safe and have a great atmosphere, everyone is welcome.

This Chinese martial art is based on science and refers to your opponents structure. There are many principles like simultaneous attack and defence or attacking the centre line of your opponent. The centre line of your opponent is an imaginary line that runs from the nose to the groin. If you strike on this line you have all the vulnerable areas and the opponent has no choice but to take your full force. Another principle is to remember that the shortest distance between two objects is a straight line so there are many linear strikes originating from your centre line rather than big swinging hooks which can be seen before they happen.

Wing Chun Self Defence Essex

Wing Chun is an art that uses close quarter fighting techniques. The reason behind this is because most altercations where someone wants to hurt you will be on the street and up close. We have many ways of developing power from close range and this self defence system is especially effective for women and smaller guys to have a chance against a larger and stronger opponent.

In our Wing Chun classes we teach some of the most important elements of self defence:

  • Number one – being aware
  • Number two – communication
  • Number three – self-defence techniques.

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A bit about me:

My name is Paul Nash, I was a doorman in North London for approximately 22 years and had many altercations over the years. I put this experience into our classes because using awareness skills can stop us being in a bad situation in the first place. Communication is a very handy skill in calming your aggressor down to dissuade them from carrying out an attack. Then if all else fails then you can fall back on the last skill we teach, Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Another great thing about learning this martial art is that its great for developing self confidence, great for relaxing your mind and great for your health as its a good exercise for the body and a great way to make friends.

I have taught Wingchun for approx 33 years and had the privilege of teaching in the USA and on one occasion in Kathmandu. I live in Clacton On Sea, and teach classes in St Osyth on Monday evenings and also teach private lessons at my home or yours.

Classes are held at Dumont Hall, Dumont Avenue, Monday evenings 7-0 PM till 8-30PM

There’s an old saying (Its better to know it and not need it, than to need it and not know it)

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like anymore information. You can find all of my contact details right here on this page. If you want to come along to our next class but aren’t sure where to find it then don’t forget to check out the map on this page which shows the exact location.

We look forward to seeing you sometime soon.

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14 Dumont Avenue, St Osyth, Point Clear, CO16 8JP

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