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Based in the centre of St Osyth, our convenience store is very helpful when you just want to grab a couple of bits from the shop but don’t want to travel into town. We have a huge array of different household necessities as well as everything else you would expect to find in a supermarket just on a smaller scale. We also serve alcohol such as wine, beer, spirits and other favourites. We have all of the ‘over the counter’ products you would expect to find everywhere else including scratch cards and we do the lotto here too. If your about to do some cleaning up and realise you don’t have enough detergent or washing up liquid, don’t worry, nip to Nisa Local, we have got you covered.

Convenience Store In Essex

All of our staff are polite, bubbly and helpful not to mention they have great customer service. If your looking for a particular item and are having trouble then just ask one of our helpful staff to get it for you. We have recently had a refurbishment and extension added on to our convenience store which allows us to broaden our stock further. With built in refrigerator systems we can keep all of the fresh and cold food nice and chilled. With our built in freezer systems we are able to stock frozen goods as well such as ice cream, ice poles, frozen meat, frozen vegetables and lots more.

On site cash machine also.

If you’re in need of a few household bits and don’t want to travel into town to get them then think of us, your Nisa Local Convenience Store.

We also have another branch further into Point Clear, the address is…

151 Point Clear Road
St Osyth
CO16 8JB

And the number is – 01255 820 271

Convenience Store Essex

| Local Groceries

| Local Shop

20 Clacton Road, St Osyth

Clacton On Sea

CO16 8PA

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