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The most important thing to note about any company is why they exist. What is their purpose? Who do they help? Why do people need them? Many Purple Hats was born out of a need to help people do better marketing. We WILL get people and brands to sit up and take notice of you. Powerful brand recognition is the key to many doors.

Over the last 5 years, I (Gareth Wax) have been involved in growing several businesses. Mostly when I talk to businesses and people, they want to attract new business and grow the business they have. But on many occasions they have no understanding of why people use them rather than their competition.

Therefore let’s settle that now…

MPH helps people and brands promote on Linkedin and elsewhere using processes they could do themselves. (with added graphics, video and audio they might struggle with) but fundamentally freeing them up to do what they do best – running and growing their own businesses.

Powerful Brand Recognition Essex

ALSO I don’t really love Purple. Now, this may come as a surprise but my favourite colour has always been Blue. Apparently, it goes with my slate-blue eyes. I think Purple is ok – it is a little woo woo and spiritual, which is not really me, but the colour is very special to me for another reason. Purple is my wife Heather’s favourite colour, and if my mental and physical health is an indication, she is my guardian angel. 

With alarming regularity I seem to attempt to end my existence. Either by contracting delta variant Covid19, ending with an extended hospital stay, or 6 years before contracting a lung disease that caused my lungs to collapse and another extended hospital stay. (on a side note, god bless the NHS and all who sail that leaky ship)

The one constant in my life for the last 17 years has been her warm embrace, her sound guidance (not that I always took it the first time I heard it) and the intelligence, empathy and flair that she brings to almost every situation. She is also a fearless warrior, fighting for the rights of our daughter, fighting to keep me from capsizing our ship of dreams, fighting all and sundry who might seek to drag us down. The US I refer to is our family, our friends and all those whom she supports mentally and actually. 

Yes, before you say it, I am one lucky son-of-a-gun. Feel free to remind me every so often. When I name a project Purple this or that, it is always to honour her.

LinkedIn Marketing Essex

Many of you will have read my BULLY post, and if you haven’t please do so. I AM NOT A VICTIM. I’m a VICTOR. I win because I reclaimed my mental and actual independence. If anyone reading this feels that they are stuck, then I urge you to read it. Maybe you will get what you need to take decisive action that will improve your mental health.

This is what led me to create Many Purple Hats. Underneath this umbrella, I have gathered all the various elements I have been providing for the last few years:

B2B Telemarketing – warm or cold calling to help businesses take suspects and turn them into qualified leads. I have been running this business as TrustUsToCall for 7 years and now it will be MPH Comms.

We have a great track record of being able to really engage with people by phone, to build relationships that after 8 to 10 touch points lead to a focused, qualified sales call that results in sales.

B2B Telemarketing Essex

LinkedIn Business Promotion – I have been providing this for 4 years and now it will be MPH Promote.

My team and I work with you to ensure that the way you present yourself and your business and brand on LinkedIn is consistent, engaging and attracts the interest from your ideal client avatars. We use a mix of disruptive marketing techniques, a multitude of proven styles of posting and downright magnetic copy to get you interacting more often and building your tribe. Please don’t take my word for it, here is a video from a few of our clients.

LinkedIn Mentoring – I have been actively providing this as a service to a few clients and now it will be MPH Inspire.

I love helping people and their brands soar. Sometimes a weekly call is all that is needed to provide the right motivation for people who don’t want the full service to communicate effectively on LinkedIn – authentic communication is transforming and I can help you be more effective more of the time. Let’s talk and see if it suits you and your direction. Building your brand recognition in places like LinkedIn is also very important.

Chatbots for Websites, WhatsApp or Facebook messenger – now it will be MPH bot.

When I talk to people, more often than not I hear they have spent precious time, energy and money building amazing (no word of a lie) websites, only to find they are not getting the traction they had hoped for. When they try and find out why, it is often that once people arrive at the site, they are spoilt for choice and lose patience and swipe left! 

A chatbot can help by talking them through options and chaperoning people through choices which can get more people to buy products or services more of the time.  Also because they feel like you are interacting with something, you tend to hold people’s interest for longer.

Chatbots For Websites

I am proud to say that when I told friends and business associates that this was the direction I wanted to go – to effectively bring under one roof a set of services for business, I was met with boundless optimism and approval, and it is that vein I shall move forward.

We are disruptors – we seek to create articles, posts, film and audio that stops people in their tracks and gets them asking questions. Questions usually mean that an answer is forthcoming and answers are often found within ongoing interaction.

So in essence if we can rile people up, excite them, delight them and leave them wanting more. Then not only are we making our clients infamous but also building their “tribe”.

The tribe is a group of people who look forward to further ongoing communications. I suppose it’s our job to constantly provide a new group of people who are looking at all the changes and updates that our clients can provide while at the same time keeping them interested and what’s just around the corner. This is what brand recognition is all about.

The essence of our form of disruptive marketing is to always be providing something new and intriguing. Something for their potential prospect to get their teeth into. It should not be a static target but constantly moving by coming up with new and varied ideas and concepts.

For anymore information about how I can help you and your business to grow then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can find all of my contact details right here on this page. I would be happy to go over any of my services with you and how we can begin to build brand recognition for your business or any other services.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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