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Do you have a collection of Magic The Gathering trading cards that you are looking to sell in Essex? We buy all types of trading cards and collectables. Speak with our friendly team who will be happy to shed some light on your collection, get a valuation together and probably make you an offer. Our valuations are based off of MTG recent sales prices. Therefore you know the value will be up to date. Our team have a wealth of knowledge and all the resources needed to provide you with honest and informative information. We pride ourselves on an exceptional service and running this business the correct way so you can trust that you are in safe hands.

You will always make the most from your cards by selling them yourself separately on websites like Ebay. When you sell your MTG cards separately, buyers will pay a premium for a certain card they need rather than a whole collection. But we offer a stress free and convenient option for anyone selling their trading card collection. Don’t worry about any listing, waiting for them to sell and posting them out. Receive your quote, once agreed, we can get you paid and you just post the collection out to us. It’s as simple as that.

What is Magic The Gathering?

Now a subsidiary of Hasbro, MTG was released back in 1993 by Wizards Of The Coast. Created by Richard Garfield, Magic: The Gathering is a table top and digital collectable trading card game. It was the first trading card game and had around 35 million players in 2018. The game can be played by 2 or more players. You can play it with physical cards, a computer or mobile devices. Do battle with other players by casting spells, using artefacts and summoning creatures. There is usually a minimum of 60 cards in each players deck and the objective is to reduce your opponents life total to 0.

New cards are still being regularly released to this day. There were over 20 billion cards produced in the period from 2008 to 2016, during which time it grew greatly in popularity. Tournaments are held every year in a variety of places that you can take part in. Therefore you will find the professional Magic: The Gathering players. You will find stalls and more at a variety of conventions across the globe. Pick up new cards for your collection or trade with other people to create the ultimate deck.

MTG Trading Cards Essex

If you’re looking to buy MTG trading cards in Essex then check in with us. The stock is always changing as can be seen on Ebay and there’s never a guarantee with what we might have. Keep an eye on our Ebay page for new listings. Old or new, all Magic The Gathering collections are welcome. Even if we don’t come to an agreement then at least you will have more information and a rough idea of their value to go on with. There is no physical store for you to visit unfortunately. In this day and age there isn’t really much need for us to have one. 95% of our transactions are done online and through postage. It’s very secure and everyone is covered. Speak with us and if you are near enough to meet up then we can make that happen too.

Sell Your MTG Collection Essex

To ask any questions or to begin the valuation process then simply get in touch. Furthermore, the easiest and most convenient way is through Whatsapp. You can find the mobile number on this page but just in case, here it is – +44 7807148245. Happy to answer emails etc too.

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