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With the help of your home you could do more of the things you love and aspire to. Whether you need equity release, additional monthly income or a lump sum to do what you want, Gaudium Associates will help you change the way you live in retirement.

If you are over 55 and own your home you can use the value of your home to make life better and at the same time, give yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing you will be able to remain in your home. You can do this by using the asset which is your home with an Equity Release plan which is tailored to your needs. Benefits of Equity Release mean that you can control your future income, you can still own your home, you may ring fence a share of your home for your family and it can reduce Inheritance Tax liability.

You will need specialist advice to determine that Equity Release is right for you and if other alternatives should be considered. As Independent Financial Advisers we act for you and our liability for advice given is to you.

What is Equity Release? It is the means by which you convert the value of your home into cash. Your reason for needing the money will dictate whether you need a lump sum or a regular income.

There are two methods to access your equity, “Home Reversion” where you sell part of your home in return for cash. You do not have to sell your entire home and you retain the right to live in it rent free for ever. The alternative, and for most people the better option, is a “Lifetime Mortgage” and with this method you have a mortgage in much the same way as a mortgage when you purchase a property. However, importantly, you do not need to make any repayments unless you wish to.

We do not pretend that Equity Release is simple. Not all Equity Release Schemes are the same, there are conditions applied which require proper explanation and it is not appropriate for everyone. However, when it is done properly, for the right reason, it can have a life changing impact. We always recommend that children or other relatives be involved so that your family understands the benefit to you and we invite them to ask questions. As IFAs we are able to give advice across the whole range of financial matters which is an undoubted benefit to clients with a need that Equity Release may not resolve.

Gaudium Associates is an established firm of Independent Financial Advisers and we would like to talk to you about Equity Release. Our service begins with a meeting to conduct a detailed assessment of your current situation and we discuss your objectives and requirements. As each client has unique needs our recommendations are tailored accordingly. We will give you a written report prior to   implementing our advice and which is done only with your agreement.

An initial meeting at our expense with our Equity release specialist, Bill Taylor, is to explore the pros and cons of releasing value from your home.  Bill Taylor is a vastly experienced IFA who has been giving independent advice since 1986 with a background which  includes being a board Director of the Association of Independent Financial Advisers and a founding member of the Transparency and Accessibility panel at the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Please contact Bill Taylor on 0330 999 8877 or 07770 397168 or email

Gaudium Associates are members of the Equity Release Council and Gaudium Associates and all our advisers are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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