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I’m Chloe and I offer fun and fear-free award winning first aid training courses catered specifically for parents and child carers. I can tailor home classes to fit around your family needs. And run regular venue classes that you can join. The classes are very relaxed with a great atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable. I welcome you to ask questions and get as hands on as you would like, with no tests or role plays.

You will come away from a session having learned emergency and more common everyday first aid skills and the confidence to know how to act and deal with topics such as Choking, CPR and  Febrile Seizures. Recognising signs and symptoms of Meningitis, and what to do if someone in your family had a burn are just some of the important topics you will learn. Whether you are first time parents preparing for you new arrival, have older children, grandparents, babysitter, class leader or just want to learn an important life skill! This class is for you. 

Fun And Fear-Free Paediatric First Aid Courses In The Southend Area

We cover Southend On Sea and all of the surrounding areas including:

  • SS0
  • SS1
  • SS2
  • SS3
  • SS4
  • SS5
  • SS9


Babies under one and feeding is always welcome at venue classes. 

Children’s classes are available at home, great for school holiday activities, along with school and club classes. Look out for children’s venue classes. 

I spent 14 years working in aviation in various roles from cabin crew, a manager and as a trainer. Teaching aviation medicine to pilots and cabin crew I have over 10 years of teaching first aid experience. Along side running Daisy First Aid Southend I am mummy of two and have nine nieces and nephews who all keep me busy. As you can imagine I’ve seen and had to act quickly to various first aid instances at 30,000 feet and in my home life. And first aid has always been a big part of my life and a big interest to me.

If you are interested in any of the classes I can offer, have any questions or would like any training, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can find all of my contact details a little further down the page. 

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First Aid

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